Cargo Bikes 60% quicker and 90% less polluting than diesel vans

Cargo bikes reduce co2 emmissions by 90% and deliver parcels 60% quicker than vans in city centres, making it a good option for businesses.

March 10, 2023

Cargo Bikes are 60% quicker and 90% less polluting than diesel vans

As Chris Skidmore hit the headlines last week after outlining his proposals and findings with regards to the UK’s Net Zero target, we’ve had a look at the figures highlighting the important role that Cargo Bikes can play in cutting emissions.

14 million parcels a day generated in the UK

The delivery industry is ever increasing, with online shopping offering a quicker solution to those living busy lives, it's no surprise the UK has seen a 33% year on year increase in the number of parcels generated. The pandemic highlighted our reliance on delivery services, as in 2020 the UK overtook Japan as the country that ships the most parcels per person. In terms of numbers, in 2020 on average 160 parcels were generated per second (14 million per day) and the average number of parcels per person rose to 74, against a worldwide average of 34.

The environmental and economical cost of deliveries

Transport is the biggest emitter of carbon in the UK, responsible for over a quarter of Greenhouse Gas emissions. Freight transport is responsible for one third of emissions from transport, with 77 per cent of goods moved by road with Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and Light Goods Vehicles (LGVs). In particular, the volumes of van movements have significantly increased recently, more than doubling in the last 10 years.

New research published by ‘Team London Bridge’ shows that the lifetime air pollution cost associated with one diesel van in London is over £10,118. These costs reflect the fact that air pollution causes approximately 4,000 deaths per year in London and is responsible for poor health leading to lost working days, school absences, and hospital admissions.

As well as the impact to personal heath and the environment, the impact of congestion on individual lives is also significant.  The research showed congestion in London costs a billion pounds each year from reduced quality of life and productivity, as well as car accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities and higher bills for maintaining the roads and infrastructure.

How can E-cargo bikes help?

New research has proven delivery bikes are 60% faster than vans in city centres, with cargo bikes making an average of 7 drops per hour, compared to just 4 for vans. The benefit of increased efficiency to both the supplier and the consumer is huge, less time wasted sitting in traffic means more parcels can be delivered per day and customers can receive their order quicker.

The environmental benefits of cargo bikes are also undeniable. 100,000 cargo bikes were introduced in Europe between 2018-2020 and they were found to deliver on average 90% less emissions compared to diesel vans. These bikes are estimated to save the same amount of Co2 every month, as would be emitted by 24,000 people flying from London to New York and back!


In conclusion…

With businesses becoming more conscious of their environmental impact, as well as their undeniable efficiency performance in City Centres, using E-cargo bikes for deliveries is a step to consider adding to your agenda in 2023.

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