How Cargo Bikes Could Help Businesses on Botley Road

Botley Road will be closed to Vehicles from 11th April 2023, cargo bikes can help businesses to transport goods to and from the City Centre.

April 21, 2023

Due to expansion works taking place at Oxford Train Station, Network Rail, Oxford City and Oxfordshire County Councils have confirmed that Botley Road will be closing to traffic on 11th April for approximately six months, with the current plans showing it will close again in March 2024 for an additional six months.

Botley Road is a main road into Oxford City Centre from the West side and the closure means that vehicles will need to find another way around during this time. The closure is expected to increase traffic across Oxford on other main routes such as the Woodstock and Banbury Roads and Abingdon, Cowley and Iffley Roads too.

Businesses based on Botley Road may find that any journeys they need to make by car or van are likely to become more time consuming, as well as using more mileage than they previously would have.

Oxford City Council have confirmed that along with regular bikes and pedestrians, cargo bikes will still be able to access the Botley Road route as normal. This means that where possible, cargo bikes can help local businesses to get deliveries in to and out of the centre.

Although the closure will no doubt cause an inconvenience for many businesses based in the vicinity, Velocity hope we will be able to help provide a solution to minimise the impact felt by businesses in the area, whilst also continuing to provide an eco-friendly, zero emission delivery service.

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