Velocity joins Tom Heap for The Climate Show on Sky One

Can Bikes Beat Cars? Velocity joins Tom Heap for the Climate Show on Sky One.

February 24, 2023

Can Bikes Beat Cars? That was the theme behind this weeks episode of The Climate Show with Tom Heap and we were delighted to be asked to appear alongside him.

Last week we filmed with Tom where he joined us as a cycle courier for the day, he helped to deliver goods to shops and businesses and did a great job, turns out he had actually done it before! 

We discussed our reasons for starting Velocity and how being fathers to young children has prompted us to want to try our best to ensure they have a clean, safe city to grow up in.

Further into the episode, Tom visited cycling cities across the world to see different ways that it can be done.

Can bikes beat cars? Check out the episode here to see what you think!

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