Why Use A Cargo Bike for Deliveries?

Why should businesses switch to a cargo bike delivery? Low Emissions, Quicker Delivery, Affordable Service.

March 17, 2023

Despite cargo bikes being around since the 1800’s, the default method for deliveries to most of us is a van, usually diesel. However, a change is coming! With everyone becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint and the congestion we see in our city centres, it’s easy to see why demand is soaring again for cargo bike deliveries. So why should you opt to choose a cargo bike delivery service for your businesses over a standard van?


Zero Emissions


We are a nation dependent on deliveries, whether it’s an item of clothing, a subscription, or your weekly shop – chances are you’ve had something delivered to your home or business by van. But the emissions being created by these deliveries are hard to ignore. Studies have shown that 51% of all freight journeys in cities could be replaced by cargo bike instead. If even a fraction of those switched, the levels of CO2 emission that could be reduced is massive, as well as the benefits to the health of those living in polluted cities.


Reduced Congestion


Anyone who has travelled by road into a city has seen the levels of congestion rise over time, a recent study stated Londoners lost 156 hours a year due to congestion! By using cargo bikes and the cycle lanes, we can reduce the number of vehicles on the road, leading to a reduction in congestion.


Quick, traffic free delivery


On the flip-side, have you ever been sat in a traffic jam and seen a bike ride straight past you? Bikes can use dedicated cycle lanes, and particularly in Oxford, access areas that cars can’t. Beating the traffic and low emission zones, as well as having many more parking options available, means that bikes can deliver far more reliably and efficiently than your standard van!


Green Credentials


Businesses are becoming more green and there are incentives out there to push them further. What better step to take to become a greener, more sustainable company than cutting the emissions for your local deliveries and using a cargo bike instead?


Customer Satisfaction


Receiving a delivery by cargo bike can feel more personal than your standard van, we are praised every day by customers who are happy to be receiving their deliveries by bike. Our most common response is ‘I wish you could do every delivery for me!’ People feel good when they have received a delivery by bike, and a customer that feels good is likely to order from you again, and spread the word!


Affordable Service


People assume a delivery by cargo bike would be more expensive, but this is not the case! Without petrol prices, or low emission zone fees to pay – we can actually offer a really affordable service, matching that of major couriers using diesel and petrol vehicles.


Why use Velocity?


We are a real living wage employer, with a dedicated, reliable, and friendly workforce behind us! We offer a personal service for businesses, catered to suit your requirements. We pride ourselves on providing an unrivalled low-emission delivery service for businesses in Oxford, leading to a 100% customer retention rate since our inception.

Want to know more? Contact us today for an informal chat about how we can work with you! 

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